Benefits of Drinking Water from a Copper Vessel

Our discussion today is all about Copper, one of the Friend mineral of us. Although it is a trace element (3rd abundant trace metal in human body) and its need is 900µg/day, it has a maximum impact on our cells.

We, Indians use Copper Glass to drink water without knowing its havoc health benefits.

Copper has anti – microbial, Anti-inflammatory and also anti – oxidant property which can be easily utilized through that small healthy habit.



Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Vessel: 

Prevention of Cancer:

Anti-oxidant property of Copper ,which can easily mixed with water, can prevent Cancer as it controls Cell division process and neutralizes Cell damage

Enhances Digestion Power:

Copper has a property to kill bacteria present in stomach, as they can cause Ulcer, Inflammation, stomach infection or various diseases .It enhances digestion power of one, also drains out toxins present or produced during metabolic process from stomach.

Decreasing Kidney and Liver toxicity:

It helps to wash out toxins from kidney and Liver to keep them healthy.

Controls Blood Pressure:

Copper drains Cholesterol high Blood Pressure and reduces hearts attack risk also.

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Helps in Weight Loss:

It reduces trans fat and unwanted fat in abs thus helps to lose weight.

Lowers the chance of infection:

As it has anti-microbial property, copper lowers the risk of being infected by micro organisms.

A Good Healer:

It has a good Wound-healing property as well as helps in disease prevention.

Helps to fight against Arthritis:

Arthritis can be prevented through using Copper as it has an Anti-inflammatory property.

Effect on Brain:

Nourishes Neurons, enhances the capability of retention of memory and gradually increases memory and intellect.

Beautification of Skin:

Reduces Melanin, lighten skin and increases glamour.

Anti- Aging Agent:

Helps in vanishing skin tan, wrinkles and resulting younger looking skin and minimizes aging process.

Reduces Anemia:

Copper increases Iron absorption process in body, resulting increase in iron content, increases RBC production thus decreasing anemia gradually.

Prevents cough and cold:

Copper helps to fight against Cough and cold also.

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