9 Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Diabetes is a most common health problem now a days. It is as frequent as our breathing in society now. Diabetes are commonly of two types. Namely Diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. Diabetes mellitus is caused mainly due to lack of Insulin, the pancreatic hormone. And insipidus causes due to lack of Vasopressin hormone or ADH(Anti Diuretic Hormone). Universal 3Ps’ of diabetes which depicts it’s classical symptoms for both mellitus and insipidus are Polyphagia, Polydipsia and Polyurea. A number of medicines are in market to treat diabetes. In this post we are sharing some foods that lower blood sugar naturally.


Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

In Ancient Egypt and China, Cinnamon had a huge usage for its medicinal property.

It has some miraculous medicinal property for which cinnamon is used to cure various health problems. Several cinnamon compounds appear to prevent the absorption of excess sugar into the bloodstream, minimizing blood sugar increase. It may also drastically improve insulin sensitivity, and cinnamon also lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels which can cause risk factors in diabetes. But taking overdose of it can cause harm, as cinnamon contains coumarin, which may cause problems at higher doses. studies have found results with only ¼–1/2 teaspoon per day.



Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

Palatable Eggs are got a bad name because they contain a higher amount of cholesterol. But eating eggs doesn’t seem to damage those with prediabetes. It’s also believed that dietary cholesterol isn’t as important for those who don’t have type II diabetes.

Eggs have a GI score of 0 like all other pure protein resources. Eggs can also increase fullness and reduce cravings. But what you add to eggs can counteract their health benefits. It’s best to consume eggs moderately, but hardboiled eggs may work as a satisfying snack or quick breakfast.


Green Tea:

Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

Unique refreshment idea also great for reduce weight as it contains a number of powerful antioxidants and catechins that also benefits in controlling blood sugar.

The compounds in green tea are beneficial for metabolic health. Observational studies suggest regular green tea drinkers are 18-42% less likely to become diabetic.



Almonds are also another package of magnesium, dietary fibre, and protein, right alongside seeds like hemp, chia, and flax. Almonds contain a particularly higher amount of magnesium than other nuts, with cashews being a close second.

Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in hundreds of essential bodily processes, including blood sugar regulation.

Almonds can help to regulate and reduce rises in blood sugar after meals and prevent diabetes. Study found people who consumed 2 ounces of almonds per day had lower levels of fasting glucose and insulin. Another study found that almond consumption could increase insulin sensitivity in people with prediabetes.


Apple Cider Vinegar:

Vinegar is chemically known as Acetic Acid. It is an ancient folk remedy long used for numerous health problems.

The acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar reduces certain enzymes in the stomach, which improves insulin sensitivity and can lower blood sugar by as much as 20 percent when consumed before or with meals containing carbs.

Try drinking 20 grams of apple cider vinegar in 40 grams of water before you eat to help reduce a spike in blood sugar.



The cocoa bean is assumed to be the most abundant source of magnesium in the world. The cocoa in chocolate comes from the cocoa plant.

It also contains beneficial flavanols assumed to improve blood pressure, insulin resistance and overall blood sugar regulation.



Garlic has potential to help regulate blood sugar. Intake of Garlic can lower fasting blood glucose, which is your blood sugar level when you haven’t eaten. Similar studies also suggest that onions have positive effects on reducing blood sugar levels.

Garlic doesn’t have a GI ranking since it doesn’t have carbohydrates and won’t increase blood sugar levels. Add more garlic into your meals by trying this delicious garlic spread by An Edible Mosaic. It can last for a week and replace butter or salad dressing.



Oats are now a days a popular supplementary food for those who wants to maintain their daily healthy diet. Oat flakes have a high number of fibre content, thus helps in fast metabolism, easy passage of roughage, and reducing a little cholesterol from blood. It has remarkable effect on lowering blood sugar also. It contains a minimal amount of carb that help diabetics to get a healthy and tasty meal.


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Whole Grain Bread:

Eating white bread is practically like eating table sugar when it comes to raising blood sugar because it contains a maximum level of carbohydrates. So if you eat a lot of ‘Whole’ bread and this includes bagels, simply switching to whole grain may improve your sensitivity to insulin. In one experimental study of nearly 1,000 people (men and women both) results the higher their intake of whole grains, the greater their insulin sensitivity and blood-sugar stability. Don’t mistake any old brown bread, or even multigrain, for whole grain. If it doesn’t have the word ‘whole’ in the first ingredient, don’t buy it. And look for the coarsest bread you can find; the coarseness will slow in digestion.

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