Introduction to Pharmacology


Pharmacology is a science that deals with drugs. It includes a detailed study of the history, properties, physiological effects, mechanism of action, absorption,distribution , metabolism, excretion and uses of drug.


The word ‘drug’ is derived from the French word ‘drogue’, a dry herb. A drug is defines as any substance used for the purpose of diagnosis, prevention, relief or cure of a disease in man or animals.


It is the science of identification, selection, preservation, standardization, compounding and dispensing of medicinal substances.


It means to care for or to nurse, and is a branch of medicine concerned with the treatment or cure of disease or relief of symptoms.


Clinical Pharmacy:

It involves cooperation of the pharmacist with the physician in educating and counseling the patient about taking of medicine.



It is the treatment of systemic infection or malignancy with specific drugs that have selective toxicity for the infecting organism or cancer cells with minimal effects on the host cells.


It is the science of poisons. Poisons are substances that cause harmful, dangerous or fatal symptoms in animals and human beings. It includes side or adverse effects of drugs.



It is an official book containing a selected list of the established drugs and medicinal preparations with descriptions of their physical properties and tests for their identity, standardization, purity and potency, uses and doses. Examples are I.P (Indian Pharmacopoeia), BP (British Pharmacopoeia), BNF (British National Formulary), NF (National Formulary), BPC (British Pharmaceutical Codex).

Various Sources of Drug:

The varies sources of drugs are


Atropine, quinine, morphine, reserpine, vincristine and digoxin.


Heparin, thyroid extract, insulin and antitoxic sera.


Talc, kaolin, liquid paraffin, magnesium sulphate, magnesium trisilicate and calcium carbonate.


Paracetamol, diazepam, aspirin, ketamine and methotrexate.


Penicillin and other antibiotics.

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